ACU Voter Resource Center 2018

We at the Association of Clinicians for the Underserved want all our advocates to vote in this year's elections and we want you to have as much information about the candidates and how to cast your vote as possible.

The ACU Voter Resource Center has information on all your elected officials and candidates - incumbents and challengers - local state and federal, as well as information on early voting and absentee voting in your state and district.

You can also use the link in the ACU Voter Resource Center to register to vote or update your voter registration. Remember if you have moved or your name has changed, you need to update your registration to prevent any confusion on election day.

ACU is completely non-partisan but completely committed to encouraging civic engagement by all our members and the patients they serve. If you have any questions contact Marc Wetherhorn at

Your Vote matters, so please vote on November 8th and become an NHSC advocate to stay involved after the election.

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Thank you for taking action.