Talk to Your Elected Officials About School Meals For All

With the end of pandemic-era waivers, districts in many states are going back to charging kids and families for school meals. At FoodCorps, we believe school meals are an essential part of the school day—one that every child should have access to. No child should go hungry because of financial or bureaucratic burdens. Lawmakers must do more to make school meals for all permanent. 

Why school meals for all? School meals are an essential resource in feeding our children every day. Making school meals free for all students ensures that every kid is nourished and ready to learn, regardless of their family’s income.

Your elected officials need to hear from you! Here are three things you can do today to help advance school meals for all:

  1. Enter your information into this form and find your elected officials’ contact information. Summer recess is fast approaching, so it is likely your lawmakers will be attending local events. This is a great time to greet them and tell them face to face that school meals are your priority. If there are no events in your community, you can use the provided contact info to send an email explaining why you support school meals for all.

  2. Use social media! Complete this sentence: "I support school meals for all because..." and tag your elected officials in the post. Legislative staff are likely to see your message and pass it along.
  3. Sign up for our action alerts! More states than ever are considering adopting school meals for all. We’ll send you opportunities to contact legislators in your state and at the federal level—so you can speak out for school meals for all no matter where you live. Sign up to receive alerts, then send the link to a friend who shares your passion for nourishing all our nation’s kids.

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Enter your information to access lawmaker contact information now!

Thank you for taking action.