Urge Senate to kill bill to gut First Amendment

Please urge your U.S. senators to oppose a theocrat-minded bill that would weaken the First Amendment.

The United States Senate is considering the badly misnamed First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) — a bill that actually attempts to gut the First Amendment. Please take a moment to contact your senators using our easy automated system and urge them to oppose S. 2525.

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As your constituent and a concerned citizen who supports the First Amendment, equality, marriage equality, and the separation of state and church, I'm calling on Senator _____ to oppose S. 2525, the so-called First Amendment Defense Act. The bill would give legal sanction to those who wish to discriminate against same-sex couples due to their religious beliefs. Religious freedom means the freedom to believe what one chooses, not the freedom to impose those beliefs on others. Please oppose S. 2525 and reject the perverse privileging of bigoted religious beliefs over the rights of loving families.