Action Alert: Congress is trying to override a bill that protects DC employees from religious discrimination

The DC Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act was passed by the DC Council to protect its residents from discrimination by their employers on the basis of their reproductive health decisions. Without this law, an employer could legally fire a single woman for getting pregnant because they do not believe in having children out of wedlock. 

The House of Representatives passed an appropriations bill with an amendment that would block funding for the bill, effectively overruling local DC law to advance an anti-choice agenda in the name of "religious liberty." 

The Congressman behind the amendment, Rep. Gary Palmer from Alabama, released a statement: "This amendment protects life and religious liberties. The Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act (RHNDA) could force employers in DC to cover abortions in their health insurance plans and require pro-life organizations to hire individuals who advocate for abortion. Freedom of religion does not stop at the District of Columbia’s borders."

What Rep. Palmer Tell does not understand is that freedom of religion includes freedom from religion. Employees should be free to make decisions about their reproductive health care according to their own conscience, not according to their boss's religion. Tell the Senate to protect religious freedom in DC by blocking any attempt to include this amendment in the Senate appropriations bill. 


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