Stop the Mobile Mega-Merger


T-Mobile and Sprint’s planned merger is bad news for communities of color—but this month California has a chance to fight back.  

The two mobile giants are planning to join forces to remain competitive with AT&T and Verizon—who together control about two thirds of the current market. But this spells doom for the customers of color who T-Mobile and Sprint are currently serving.

Sign this petition to let the California Public Utilities Commission know where you stand! The Commission is currently assessing the impact of the proposed merger and should know the facts. 

Fifty-six percent of T-Mobile’s customers are people of color, as are close to half of Sprint’s, and they are disproportionately living on low incomes. The proposed merger will reduce competition for these customers and exacerbate the digital divide—leaving our communities even more disconnected than they already are.

Rising prices may also mean some will have to choose between feeding their families and remaining connected in order to access health care, education, and other resources needed to survive.

T-Mobile and Sprint don’t have us covered. Let's make our voices heard to California regulators.

Sign the petition and let California regulators know you don't support the T-Mobile/Sprint merger

Tarsa Y. San Francisco
Dorothy W. Los Angeles
Erica V. Monterey Park
Patricia S. San Rafael
Ken M. Los Angeles
Melissa M. San Francisco
Allie p. San Clemente
Laura S. San Francisco
M S. Forestville
Sharon O. Oakland
Lu S. San Jose
Elizabeth V. Ukiah
Claudia L. Oakland
Melinda S. Piedmont
Idris H. Oakland
Linda B. Santa Fe
Querido G. Oakland
Jazmyn M. Long Beach
Brenda C. San Diego
Evan B. Los Angeles
Elizabeth J. Elk Grove
George S. Sacramento
Yoshino J. Long Beach
Marilyn P. Urbana
Kathryn W. San Diego
Julie B. Los Angeles
Brian S. San Francisco
Joe S. Santa Rosa
Bernice R. Fresno
Theresa W. Atherton
angelina s. Montebello
Anna H. El Cerrito
Travis G. Long Beach
Susan P. Oakland
Jeff W. San Diego
Catherine L. San Mateo
Carol M. Brentwood
Val S. San Diego
Therese D. Pacific Grove
Rhonda W. Hercules
Cathy C. Adelanto
Ryan S. Bellflower
Margaret W. Berkeley
Karen M. Kelseyville
Cole K. Oakland
Shina R. Oakland
James B. Campbell
Cathy C. Vacaville
Gayle M. Abingdon
Julian Y. Parlier