Stop the Mobile Mega-Merger


T-Mobile and Sprint’s planned merger is bad news for communities of color—but this month California has a chance to fight back.  

The two mobile giants are planning to join forces to remain competitive with AT&T and Verizon—who together control about two thirds of the current market. But this spells doom for the customers of color who T-Mobile and Sprint are currently serving.

Sign this petition to let the California Public Utilities Commission know where you stand! The Commission is currently assessing the impact of the proposed merger and should know the facts. 

Fifty-six percent of T-Mobile’s customers are people of color, as are close to half of Sprint’s, and they are disproportionately living on low incomes. The proposed merger will reduce competition for these customers and exacerbate the digital divide—leaving our communities even more disconnected than they already are.

Rising prices may also mean some will have to choose between feeding their families and remaining connected in order to access health care, education, and other resources needed to survive.

T-Mobile and Sprint don’t have us covered. Let's make our voices heard to California regulators.

Sign the petition and let California regulators know you don't support the T-Mobile/Sprint merger

Ranil A. San Mateo
Donald G. Canton
Zerita J. Culver City
Sarah T. Crestone
Preia C. Pompano Beach
Jennifer G. Richmond
Bruce R. New York
Michael T. Santa Monica
devorah h. Los Angeles
Richard P. Hayward
Orva G. Marion
John Y. Tucker
Lauren S. Austin
Alea F. Boulder
STACIE C. Sebastopol
Sherrill F. Davis
carl t. Brooklyn
MaryAnna F. Arlington
Mara S. Piedmont
Chanelle W. Winter Springs
Scott G. San Mateo
A M. Garland
Isabelle G. Los Angeles
Conney J. Queens
Michael A. Hanford
MS D. San Francisco
Veronica G. Los Angeles
David A. Berkeley
T F. Burbank
Sharon P. Laytonville
Barry D. Peoria
Maggie D. Pompano Beach
donna r. Westland
Matthew B. Elmhurst
Dori P. Apple Valley
Virginia J. Black Diamond
Mary V. Greensburg
Melody F. Orangeburg
Kymrie D. Austin
Jim L. Gulfport
E P. Talmage
Sharon W. Oakland
Joanna R. Kent
Joshua W. New York
Christopher H. New York
Teresa M. San Francisco
Karen G. Danville
Lucie F. San Francisco
Esmeralda R. Oakland