Urge President Trump to Veto Legislation that Weakens Pro-Life Policy


Dear President Trump,

As a pro-life American, I am deeply concerned that the new pro-abortion majority in the House of Representatives for the incoming 116th Congress will attempt to remove life-saving pro-life protections, including ones implemented by your Administration.

Out of this concern, I urge you, President Trump, to veto any legislation that weakens pro-life protections.

Many years of consistent polling shows that most Americans support common sense pro-life legislation. The 2018 Marist poll shows that 6 in 10 Americans oppose taxpayer dollars paying for abortions; however, extreme pro-abortion politicians would see even the long-standing Hyde Amendment removed.

President Trump, I urge you to stand with pro-life Americans, and oppose any legislation that weakens or removes pro-life protections.

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