Tell Your Legislators to Support Groundbreaking Climate Action Bill

Governor Cuomo’s climate and clean energy goals have garnered global attention, and for good reason – they’re a game-changer in the fight for climate action.

Now we have the opportunity to turn aspirational goals into a blueprint for 100% clean, renewable energy by 2050.

The New York State Assembly has passed what may be the strongest climate legislation in the country. And the fossil fuel lobby isn’t happy. Now we need the Senate to act!

State legislators need to hear from the people they represent that the public supports a new path forward, one that focuses on generating clean energy and creates jobs in a growing green economy – a path that invests in communities who bear the brunt of pollution and are on the front lines of climate change. This is the blueprint away from a dirty fossil fuel infrastructure, and which ensures that by 2030 at least half of our electricity in New York comes from clean sources such as solar and wind.

Tell your legislators you support making New York a true global climate action leader!

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