Support the Fair Play Fair Pay Act of 2017!

At SoundExchange our guiding principle is: All creators deserve fair pay, on all platforms and technologies, whenever their music is used.

Current U.S. copyright law forces music creators to give up their work either for free to FM broadcasters and for below-market rates to some digital services – businesses that make billions off recorded music. Our music licensing laws are so outdated that many were written before the iPhone, or even the internet, existed.

The good news is that the bipartisan Fair Play Fair Pay Act (H.R.1836) has been reintroduced in Congress to modernize the law. Fair Play Fair Pay would make sure that artists whose creativity and talent fuels everyone’s favorite music would share in the profits earned when their music is played.

The Fair Play Fair Pay Act would restore to music licensing a core American principle of fairness: People who work should be paid for their work, particularly when others are making a profit off it.

Support for music creators has never been stronger and momentum towards real music licensing reform is building every day.

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Add Your Voice To The Chorus: Tell Congress to Support Music Creators by Supporting the Fair Play Fair Pay Act - H.R.1836


Thank you for supporting #FairPlayFairPay and encouraging your elected officials to join this bipartisan effort to ensure all music creators are fairly compensated for their hard work.

Our system is flawed, but with your help we can achieve real copyright reform that establishes free market pay for all music creators and technology-neutral rules for music services.