Close the Digital Divide - Economic Security for All

The cost of broadband Internet is too high.  Huge numbers of low-income people cannot afford it. Historically disenfranchised groups are too often being left out of the tech economy. Without access to broadband, children cannot do homework, workers cannot upgrade their skills, and the breathtaking world of information available worldwide on the Internet remains a closed door.

The Obama administration is about to modernize a long-standing poverty program--currently used to pay for telephone service--to subsidize the cost of broadband for low-income people.  Some political leaders are fighting it, and even some traditional supporters of the program are not speaking loudly enough in support.

Ninety-one percent of households with incomes between $100,000 and $150,000 have broadband service, the adoption rate is only 41 percent for households with income below $20,000. Broadband access at home is very low for people of color, around 50%.  If the FCC takes action, the Lifeline subsidy can help make broadband affordable for low-income families.

 Act now - Ask your member of Congress to make sure the tools for opportunity are available to all by supporting Lifeline modernization.

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