The Fight to Save Montlake Market Isn't Over!
Email your legislators now. Tell them to keep the market open & free of construction staging

Thanks to your advocacy, WSDOT has shown it can save the Montlake Blvd. Market and avoid construction impacts on its property. Despite this, the department is still pursuing a full condemnation, leaving the market at risk for closure and demolition.

Throughout this process, WSDOT's motivation to acquire the site has become clear: To use the property for a decade of construction staging and storage. This is despite their public promise to avoid the property and keep staging off the property in the project's final Record of Decision. The local frustration was captured in a recent report from Komo News: Neighbors say WSDOT plan to save Montlake Market still falls short.

We need our legislators to step in to get this issue right once and for all!

Email our leaders again today and call for new legislation to avoid a full condemnation and keep construction staging away from the market.

Write our legislators now! Tell them to stand up and protect our community.


Thank you for your support and advocacy. Please encourage others to act by sharing on social media, and stay tuned for more important announcements.