The Montlake Community Club Needs Your Help.

It’s crunch-time to save the Montlake Market and our community once again needs your help!

Now that WSDOT has named their design-builder for the SR 520 Montlake Project, they’ll be hosting a technical workshop with Graham Construction and the Seattle of Seattle to make a final decision about saving the market or condemning the property and tearing it down.

In a surprise to no one, WSDOT has determined that neither our community nor the general public will be able to participate in this process. With the community once again sidelined, it appears that our only hope is to get our State elected leaders to step in and play an active role on behalf of our community during this process.

Click through the prompts to write to Senator Jamie Pedersen, Representative Frank Chopp, and Representative Nicole Macri. Tell them the community simply doesn’t trust WSDOT to save Montlake Market! 

We will never be part of the process if we sit quietly.

Write your leaders now! Tell them to stand up for our community and save Montlake Market.


Thank you for your support and advocacy. Please encourage others to act by sharing on social media, and stay tuned for more important announcements.