Help save Baltimore’s public charter schools and help support ALL public schools

Baltimore’s 34 public charter schools educate approximately 13,700 students – with more than 5,500 students on charter school wait lists due to their engaging and innovative programming.
In September 2015, the Baltimore City Public School System proposed a funding formula that would have significantly reduced the amount of funding for public charter schools, placing thirteen schools at risk of closing and affecting thousands of children.
After strong community pressure and the UNANIMOUS support of the City Council, school system CEO Gregory Thornton dropped the proposed funding formula. The school system is not truly committed to creating a new formula aligned with the law, however, and is still arguing the merits of its failed funding formula.
Public charter schools, and ALL public schools, are still under threat. The fight is just beginning.
Debating with the school system about public charter school funding has been happening for many years. The state has laws in place that the school system has abandoned. The school system spends more money per pupil on central office costs than any other district in Maryland by a significant margin and, despite being funded at a higher rate than most, is below average in money spent at the classroom level. 
We can no longer accept these inefficiencies. And neither should you.
The Maryland Alliance of Public Charter Schools (MAPCS), which consists of charters schools all over Baltimore City (and the state of Maryland), believes that full transparency by the school system will lead to efficiencies and more effective management practices. These things, in turn, will lead to more money for ALL public school students.
We are fighting for these four things:
  • The school system must open its books in a transparent way so we can see what’s behind the numbers.
  • The central office must become more efficient, which will mean more money to the classroom for ALL public school students.
  • The school system must follow the law- the law must guide the work.
  • The school system must agree to mediation.
Tell Baltimore City Public School System to open their books and follow the law. Help us save Baltimore’s public charter schools and support ALL public schools.
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Click here to view charter school leaders presenting at the Baltimore City Council hearing on October 7th. 
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The Maryland Alliance of Public Charter Schools (MAPCS) supports quality public charter school education on behalf of students and families.
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