Tell Your State Lawmakers to Support E-Verify Use in Your State

E-Verify is an invaluable tool for combatting illegal immigration and is simply good public policy. Here's why: 
  • It Protects American Workers. E-Verify prevents job-related identity theft because full name, SSN, date of birth, gender and photographic identification must match. 
  • It Prevents Wage Depression. Employers that hire illegal aliens over American workers drive down fair market wages and avoid obligations they owe their employees under state and federal laws. E-Verify prevents the depression of wages that result from illegal aliens willing to work for substandard pay. 
  • It Decreases Unemployment. The more than 20 states that have some form of E-Verify requirement have seen improvement in unemployment rates when compared to the national average. For example, in 2011, all states who implemented some form of E-Verify saw their unemployment rates drop the next year.
  • Its Use is Rapidly Expanding and Highly Rated. The number of employers using E-Verify has grown tremendously over the last several years. For instance, a mere 24,000 employers used the program in FY2007, compared to more than 616,000 employers in FY2015. E-Verify is also well liked by employers. In a 2014 survey of customer satisfaction with the program, it received a score of 87 (on a scale from 1-100) for all and existing users, and 86 for new enrollees.

Take Action Now!

Take action now. Contact your state lawmakers and tell them to support E-Verify use in your state.


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