Tell California Lawmakers: Fix AB 5!

The impact of AB 5 and the Dynamex ruling has impacted hundreds of thousands of Californians. 

  • Losing work and contracts
  • Causing economic distress
  • Limiting work opportunities to make additional income
  • Limiting or ending non-profit services 
  • Closing down or limiting arts productions 
  • Limiting health care access 

The Fallacy of AB 5’s Business-to-Business (B2B) Exemption 

While the advocates of AB 5 point to a B2B exemption for sole proprietors, the current language is nearly impossible to comply with. 

For a B2B exemption to work, our representatives need to fix AB 5.  

We need our elected representatives to fix AB 5 for every freelancer and independent contractor who wants to remain independent.  

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I am asking you to help protect my freedom to choose the way I make a living.

A recent California Supreme Court decision could create severe economic instability for me and the millions of Californians who rely and choose independent work over being an employee.

With new innovations, working independently has become more accessible and a better way to make a living for many people like me. I value a work-life balance and control over my schedule. In fact, I make more now than when I was an employee.

We can’t let one court decision from a decade-old case take us backwards forcing many of us into a serious economic hardship.

We are asking you to take action to suspend the court decision and embrace the modern workforce needs. California has an opportunity to lead to find a better way to protect workers and our choices. We need protections that reflect today’s reality.