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Urgent Action is needed: lawmakers are voting this afternoon!

E-mail your legislators and tell them to VOTE NO Today! on House Bill 1004.

In the final hours of the 2020 legislative session, the Indiana General Assembly is making significant changes to the proposed out-of-network (or “surprise billing”) legislation. The latest discussion drafts have improved, but are still concerning. 

These out-of-network payments are entirely determined by insurance companies and could be slashed to unsustainable rates for services on a whim.

Capping reimbursement in this method would provide the physician no ability to:

1) Know the amount determined by the insurance plan (these out-of-network rates are not made publicly available); or

2) The ability to challenge the appropriateness of the amount.

In summary, HB 1004 as outlined would be one of the most one-sided and onerous surprise billing laws in the country and could have vast unintended consequences for independent physician groups in Indiana that will likely lead to the further consolidation of the market. 

Tell Legislators VOTE NO TODAY!


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