Act to Protect Native Lands & Waters

In solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation and with the guidance of the UCC’s Council for American Indian Ministry, the UCC Collegium of Officers has declared its opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is proposed to deliver over a half-million barrels of fracked oil from North Dakota to Illinois.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has voiced its objections to the pipeline and initiated non-violent action that has led to the arrest of at least 28 persons in seeking to block construction. The pipeline would travel underneath the Missouri River and thereby threaten to contaminate a water source for the people of the reservation and numerous others who live downstream.

The pipeline would also cross through lands of longstanding religious, cultural, and ancestral significance. These lands include burial sites. Moreover, the water of the river itself is regarded as a sacred, life giving force. The Sacred Stone Spirit Camp, where demonstrators have encamped, is named for sacred stones where members of the reservation have come to pray. The demonstrations notably began and have continued as an intentional act of prayer.

Act now - Join Marlene Whiterabbit Helgemo, Interim Executive Director of the UCC Council for American Indian Ministries, Tribal leaders, and advocates around the nation in calling for the Army Corp of Engineers and President Obama to rescind the permit and stop construction of the pipeline.


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