Lord, when did we see you hungry?

In Congress, political forces are pushing to slash poverty-focused programs. The tight fiscal environment means members of Congress are looking to make cuts wherever they can. Foreign assistance, SNAP (formerly known as food stamps), and other anti-hunger programs are at serious risk.

People struggling with hunger don’t have high-powered lobbyists and well-funded campaigns looking out for their interests. Your voice is critical. That is why our partners at Bread for the World are making it our goal to end hunger and extreme poverty by 2030 through their 2017 Offering of Letters campaign.

God calls us to love our neighbors and ensure that they have what they need to reach the fullness of life that God intends for each of us. Together, let us raise our voices to ask Congress to make funding decisions that will support vital anti-hunger and anti-poverty programs and policies.

The House and Senate have passed budget resolutions that now pave the way for tax cuts to wealthy individuals, resulting in trillions of dollars of cuts to domestic and international programs that serve poor and hungry people. Cuts to programs like WIC, international humanitarian assistance, and global nutrition would make it nearly impossible to end hunger and extreme poverty by 2030.

However, the fight to protect these programs is not over. Now, Congress must decide on year-end spending levels. You can make an impact. Tell members of Congress to reject decisions that will cut spending for domestic and international anti-hunger and anti-poverty programs.

[Note: By taking action your name, city and state may be shared with our partners at Bread for the World, so it can be counted as part of their Offering of Letters.]

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