Take Action for Fair Reimbursement!

Fight for Legislation for Fair Reimbursement for all Medical Specialties!

ZPAC supports the additional valuation of the revised E/M codes, but we want to encourage the Doctors Caucus to fight for additional funding to cover proposed decreases some specialties will be absorbed as a result of the AMA and RUC committee’s recommendations. 

  • E/M visits make up approximately 20% of the total PFS expenditures.
  • This change in care-related E/M code values is estimated to increase reimbursement by approximately $5 billion.
  • In the budget-neutral payment system, this means cuts in reimbursement for specialties and providers who typically do not provide such E/M services.


Your voice matters; reach out to your peers in Congress today! The Doctor’s Caucus certainly understands the demands physicians are facing nationwide, including increased burdens with new and ever-changing regulations, while dealing with declining reimbursement. Let the Doctors Caucus know how important it is to introduce and support bipartisan legislation to add additional funding for physician compensation now!


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