Don't let haters turn a COVID CRISIS into a CHARTER CRISIS

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Sign up for COCAN action alerts to protect your charter school from unfair budget cuts and increased regulations.

This is a challenging time for all public schools. We need your voice to make sure that charter public schools are able to stay strong and protected. Many other states have already begun attacking charter school funding and autonomy during this season, and we need your voice to help us protect your schools.

Here in Colorado, we have worked hard to create and maintain our 2nd ranked charter school law in the nation, and we cannot do it this year without your help!

If the rest of the country is any indication, the attempts to roll back charter school progress in Colorado have just begun. Currently, just a fraction of the 125,000 Colorado charter school families is part of our Charter Advocacy Network (COCAN) and ready to take action.

Unless we work to grow our network – and fast – we run the risk of getting caught off guard when the next wave of dangerous policies and proposals comes our way. With COCAN action alerts, you will stay informed about the policies affecting your charter school, and you will have the tools to advocate quickly and easily at a moment's notice to help us keep our charter schools strong.

Sign up for COCAN action alerts today and forward this message to your friends and your school community to encourage them to sign up as well.

Every. Voice. Matters.