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If you do, your legislature will be debating a tax on vapor products this year.

Please take a moment and enter your information to find contact information for your state lawmakers. We've provided talking points below for you to use on your call. But, it is vital that you share your story about using vapor products and urge your lawmakers to oppose extra taxes on vaping.


* Pennsylvania - Bills are being introduced to replace the 40% wholesale tax on vapor products with a 5c/mL tax on e-liquid. CASAA supports this effort as it is (1) a reduction of taxes on vapor products and (2) will allow for consumer access to vapor businesses that under the current tax policy will or have already closed.

* Kansas - An effort is underway (SB 96) to change the 20c/mL tax rate on e-liquid to 5c/mL.

* Montana - In addition to SB 354, aA 65% wholesale tax was recently introduced as part of the state's budget (Link to File). 

Talking Points
for you call
  1. I am opposed to ANY extra taxes on vapor products.

  2. Briefly, tell your story about how vapor products have impacted your life.

  3. Tell them how extra taxes will affect your access to vapor products.

    1. Will you shop out of state?

    2. Will you consider returning to smoking?

    3. What would you do without your local vapor shop?

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