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Congress passed the No Surprises Act (NSA) to protect patients from surprise medical bills. The NSA encourages open negotiations between clinicians and health plans, self-insuring employers and ACA plans, with a backstop of Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR) to resolve reimbursement disputes between clinicians and health plans.

There is a letter circulating in Congress regarding the NSA rulemaking process. The letter is essentially the health plans' “wish list” for NSA implementation and takes significant liberties in stipulating congressional intent.

The letter also expresses concerns that potential regulatory gaps could result in surprise bills for patients, and that expanded IDR considerations could place undue harm and financial burdens on consumers – the very opposite of congressional intent.

It is crucial that this letter get as few signatories as possible. We strongly encourage you to contact your Congressional representative today, ask them to NOT sign this letter and preserve  the original intent of the NSA – to protect patients from surprise medical bills while also reducing health care costs.



Take Action Now!


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