Tell Your Senator to Pass the ACA Protection Bills!

The latest court ruling on the Affordable Care Act puts the country on a dangerous pathway to once again possibly repeal the ACA. It is imperative that NJ lawmakers protect the healthcare of NJ residents and vote yes to pass a package of bills that create the safety net we need.

Voting YES protects NJ patients from the potential loss of guaranteed coverage for essential health benefits such as preventative care, treatment for substance use and mental health, and reproductive health services, and loss of protections for pre-existing conditions. This package of bills also prohibits discrimination and extends the open enrollment period.

The Senate is scheduled to vote on this package of bills (listed below) on Thursday, Jan 9th and Monday, January 13th.

We expect Democratic Senators will support the bills, but they need to hear from you in order to ensure their support.

The Republican Senators need to be pushed to vote for the whole package. They support some proposals like protecting coverage for pre-existing conditions but they haven't committed to voting for essential health benefits or the bills that create oversight and accountability to keep healthcare costs down. If you have a Republican Senator please call their office in addition to sending them an email.

Please take action today and contact your NJ Senator!

The NJ Senate is voting on the following bill numbers:

S562 – Preserves certain requirements that health insurance plans cover essential health benefits
S626 – Prohibits preexisting condition exclusions
S3802 – Requires continuation of dependent coverage until age 26
S3803 – Requires health benefits coverage for certain preventative services
S3804 - Revises the law requiring health benefits coverage of contraceptives
S3806 - Establishes open enrollment period under the Individual Health Coverage Program
S3808 – Repeals NJ’s Basic & Essential health benefits plans to conform to ACA
S3809 – Expands rate review process for individual and small group plans
S3812 – Applies 85% Medical loss ratio requirement to large group plans
S3813 - Expands "Law Against Discrimination" to apply to health programs and activities, and to prohibit discrimination based on association with individuals in protected classes

Tell Your Senator to VOTE YES to protect NJ patients!


Thank you for taking action! Please forward to your friends and family asking them to take action and contact their NJ Senators. This package of bills will protect our healthcare coverage here in NJ from Trump's ACA sabotage in the federal courts. We need to pass this critical state legislation!