It’s Time for Our State Government to Help Parents and Students



The budget agreement supported by Governor Stitt and state legislators delivers much-needed teacher pay and funding increases for schools. We applaud that. What it DOESN’T do is directly help students, empower parents, or promise better education outcomes.

It’s time to put students and families first. Please contact your lawmaker and ask them to support:

  • Policies that allow parents to choose schools that are right for their children.
  • Support for Equal Opportunity Scholarships that help lower-income families have affordable options for their children's education.
  • Funding for innovative education programs that are proven to deliver results in public schools.

Now that funding for our teachers and the public school system has been increased, we must focus on students and families. Please contact your legislator and ask for their support for reform and improvement in Oklahoma education.


Please encourage others to act by sharing on social media.

Suggested script: "I am one of your constituents, and I would like you to support Senate Bill 407, because every child deserves the opportunity to succeed with a great education."