We Need an Attorney General for ALL Americans

As people of faith, we hear a clear call echoed throughout Scripture to work for the just and fair treatment of all people, especially the most vulnerable among us. That faith call must lead us to reflect deeply on the record and qualifications of public officials who are charged with upholding justice in our common life.

We need an Attorney General who will represent the rights of ALL Americans.

The United States Attorney General is often referred to as “the Peoples Lawyer,” responsible for ensuring the fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans. It is a position with broad powers to impact civil and human rights in a number of significant areas. Given the reach and significance of this office, and its impact on so many vulnerable communities, there is strong reason to question the nomination of Senator Jefferson B. Sessions (R-AL) for United States Attorney General. A thorough review of his record yields grave concerns about his ability to fairly and impartially administer justice for all. The concerns are sufficient grounds to oppose this nomination.

In 1986, Sen. Sessions went before the Senate Judiciary Committee for a hearing to be named a federal judge. His troubling civil rights record and history of racially insensitive statements were enough to lead the Judiciary Committee reject his nomination. The record of his actions as a senator over the past 20 years calls into question his capacity as Attorney General to administer justice in the areas of voting rights, criminal justice, violence against women, hate crimes, immigration and the protection of religious expression for all. [View the Alliance for Justice summary of Sen. Sessions’ record here.]

Sen. Sessions’ record reflects a deeply troubling history of undermining the just and fair administration of law for the very communities that still struggle to achieve fair and equal treatment under the law. Act now - Contact your senators and urge them to do their Constitutional duty and carefully review the record of Sen. Sessions as they consider his nomination for Attorney General.

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