Tell Congress: Fund CHCs in October

90 Days and Counting...

Congress was not able to #FixTheCliff prior to the September 30th fiscal year end.

Because we are funded on the calendar year, health centers now have only 90 days before the 70% cut becomes a reality. 

Our dedicated advocacy over the past months has gotten their attention and a "mark-up" has been scheduled in the Energy & Commerce Committee - the first step in getting to a solution.

But we can't let up now! Please keep fighting for health centers and the patients they serve in your communities.

Contact your Member of Congress and request a bipartisan solution to the funding cliff for health centers, CHIP and the NHSC in October.

Please take action! Let your elected officials know we need a bipartisan solution for health center and safety-net funding now!


Thank you for speaking up for the patients served by community health centers. 

Your support makes all the difference in making our case to Congress. Don't grow weary!

Please encourage others to act by sharing on social media or forwarding to your friends and colleagues.

Together, we will make a difference!

Your HCP Advocacy Team