Kavanaugh: A disaster for state/church separation

As FFRF’s “Ten reasons Brett Kavanaugh would be a disaster for State-Church separation” statement documents, Kavanaugh considers the metaphor of a wall between church and state to be “wrong,” evinces hostility to decades of Supreme Court decisions protecting public school students from proselytization, denigrates nonbelievers and other state/church separation plaintiffs, has actively promoted vouchers for religious schools, and otherwise approves of tax dollars going to churches and church schools. As FFRF has pointed out, Kavanaugh chillingly felt it wasn’t a burden to delay an abortion for an immigrant minor under detention, but that it was too burdensome for a religious employer to fill out a five-word questionnaire in order to opt out of the contraceptive mandate.

In conclusion, Kavanaugh is bad news for civil liberties, particularly our first liberty. Please phone, tweet, text, and/or email your senators today (and every day) to oppose his confirmation. And don’t forget to urge a delay on any hearings until after the 116th Congress is seated.

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As your constituent, I strongly oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for Supreme Court justice. I urge you to vote against his confirmation in order to protect our Constitution and our nation’s future. Kavanaugh’s record clearly shows he would evince hostility to many well-established civil liberties, including reproductive rights and to the revered “wall of separation between church and state.” P.S. So that the peoples’ voice can be heard, please take action to delay any hearings on a replacement for Justice Kennedy until after the 116th Congress is seated.