75,000 refugees are stranded on the Syrian border. They need your help.

Recent news reports and eyewitness accounts have raised the plight of tens of thousands of Syrian refugees presently stranded in make-shift, inhospitable desert settlements along the north-eastern Jordan-Syria border.

In June, the government of Jordan sealed its border for security reasons, leaving an estimated 75,000 Syrian refugees, the vast majority of them women and children, in a no-man’s-land between the Jordanian and Syrian border. They are cut off from aid. Food and water is scarce and they are without medical supplies and health care. This adds another tragic crisis to the already desperate situation of millions of internally displaced and refugee Syrians fleeing the war.

On September 19th, leaders from around the world will attend the UN Summit on Immigrants and Refugees in New York, to be followed by a Leaders’ Summit on Refugees hosted by President Obama. We must put pressure on Congress and the Obama Administration to work with the international community to address the needs of the world’s refugees, who are often caught in situations like this. Advocates in the UCC Connecticut conference have crafted a letter you can send to your elected officials. Join them in speaking out and demanding action!

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