Tell Industry to Connect the Cap!

5 billion plastic caps from plastic bottles are released to the environment every year in California alone.

Plastic caps litter streets, parks, inland waterways, beaches, and oceans, and harm wildlife who mistake them for food. 

California Assembly Bill 2779 would require that all single-use plastic bottles sold in California have the cap connected to the bottle.

Connecting the cap to the bottle will allow the cap and bottle to be recycled together, instead of contributing to clean-up costs, and harming wildlife and our environment.

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Hi, my name is _____ and I live in ______, California. I’m calling to ask Assembly Member _____ to  support of AB 319, which requires that beverage manufacturers connect plastic caps to the bottles so they will not be loose in the environment. Five billion plastic caps end up in the environment annually in California alone. Plastic bottle caps litter streets, parks, waterways, and oceans, and harm wildlife, who mistake caps for food, while taxpayer dollars are needed for this costly clean up. When caps are tethered to the bottles, they can be recycled together, which will help California reach our 75 percent recycling goal. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.