Join Us, For Our Consumer Empowerment Series!

You're invited, to an event hosted by We The Patients NY and Say Ah! Join us and our host (partner varies, depending on the date you wish to join us) for a fun workshop, details below:

Interactive workshops that teach you how to get the health care you need and advocate for the health care system you want! In the 90 minute workshop (with discussion!), you will gain new ways to take charge of your health and health care, including:

Tips on how to navigate the system

Tools to help you get safe, effective care

Strategies to change the system so it meets your needs!

Why You’ll be Glad You Came

We need all the help we can get to deal with a system has become so complex, fragmented and expensive, that nearly nine out of 10 of us struggle to use it. This workshop will give you the basic skills needed to maintain and manage your health — and be a part of the movement to make the health care system easier and more affordable to use. Sound good? Register below. #WeThePatientsNY

If you have questions write me Emily Dore @