Unless they hear from YOU now, Congress is going to leave out Community Health Centers--Again.

Good and bad news.

The good news: Congress is planning a long-term fix for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). CHIP is key to healthcare access for children in our state.

The bad news: Community Health Center funding is NOT included in the CHIP fix. CHCs must be able to stay open to serve kids insured under CHIP and all those needing access to health care services in our state. If Community Health Centers aren’t linked with a long-term CHIP vote, we don’t know what the next opportunity will be to fund CHCs in 2018.

Call Congress now (1-866-456-3949), and click below to email them. Tell them: We’ve been waiting for 103 days and we expect you to show your support for CHCs by ensuring that long-term, sustainable CHC funding is finalized by January 19th.

Contact your elected officials now and tell them to fix CHC Funding today--no delay.