America Needs SAFE Streets

Nearly 1 in 5 people who die in traffic crashes are killed while biking or walking. This is a public health crisis, one we detailed in our 2018 Benchmarking Report to raise awareness about the need for urgent action to address the increasing danger we face as we bike, walk, or use mobility devices on the street and sidewalk. 

Recently, Representatives Julia Brownley and Adriano Espaillat introduced HR 3040, the Safe and Friendly for the Environment Streets Act, or the SAFE Streets Act to put federal dollars towards making our roads safer. This bill addresses a blind-spot in Highway Safety Improvement Program funding and directs investment towards safety improvements in areas where the lives of people who bike and walk are most in danger.

Currently, states spend less than 1 percent of their Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) on vulnerable road user safety, though nationally 18% of roadway deaths are vulnerable road users. This needs to change. The SAFE Streets Act would target safety spending towards improvements for bicyclists and pedestrians and ensure spending matches the level of danger they face on a roadway. 

To make this bill law, we need more Members of Congress to stand up for safety by co-sponsoring the bill. Please ask your Member of Congress to co-sponsor HR 3040, the SAFE Streets Act. 

Contact your representative to support the SAFE Streets Act!


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The SAFE Streets Act is one of several bills supported by the League of American Bicyclists that will improve the safety of people biking and walking and help more people bike to work. You can find information on other active bills supported by the League in Congress here:

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