Supreme Court Justice Kennedy’s retirement changes everything. In the past 30 years, Kennedy has been in the majority on all but one of the environmental cases that have come before the high court. In fact he was the critical vote in a 5-4 decision finding the Clean Air Act covers the pollution fueling climate change, and his opinion in a landmark case paved the way for the EPA’s Clean Water Rule, which protects the drinking water of 1 in 3 people in this country. If the Senate confirms an anti-environment, anti-civil rights, radical justice to replace him, our most basic health and environmental protections and voting rights could be under siege for an entire generation.

Brett Kavanaugh’s record shows he will side with the wealthy and powerful over the public interest. Kavanaugh has consistently come down on the side of Big Polluters instead of protecting clean water and clean air for all. He’s ruled to allow more mercury and toxic pollutants in our air, and to make it harder to address climate change. We simply cannot allow this individual on the highest court.   

Maine's health and environmental protections, and the very fabric of our democracy would be severely under threat if Trump succeeds in appointing this extreme justice to the Supreme Court. Urge Senators Collins and King to oppose Kavanaugh's nomination!

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