National Call-In Day for Puerto Rico

Join thousands across the US and call Congress to urge your representative to support legislation that restructures debt, reduces child poverty and respects democracy.

Congress is debating legislation that would place Puerto Rico under a restrictive Fiscal Control Board that would limit the role of Puerto Rico’s government, its debt relief options, and its ability to provide essential services to the people of Puerto Rico.

Call your Member of Congress to tell them any debt relief legislation should protect rather than punish the people of Puerto Rico. Insist any legislation should:

  • Provide options for reducing and repaying Puerto Rico’s debt burden in a way that sustains the Puerto Rican economy.
  • Guarantee equitable Puerto Rican participation on any oversight board, in its decisions, and in their implementation.
  • Ensure a plan and resources are put in place to address increasing child poverty through critical funding of basic health, education, and social services.

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Learn more about Puerto Rico's debt crisis via our partners at Jubliee USA.

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Talking Points:

I am calling to express my concern about the crisis in Puerto Rico. I am particularly concerned that Puerto Rico is being asked to accept a control board and will not have adequate debt restructuring tools to bring the debt back to payable levels.

I want you to support Puerto Rico legislation that:

  1. Gives Puerto Rico comprehensive tools to restructure its total debt in a timely and orderly way,
  2. Reduces child poverty on the island, and
  3. Respects local democracy in Puerto Rico.

Thank you for your time!