Gov. Murphy, Restore Overtime Rights to NJ Workers!

It used to be that if your boss asked you to put in extra hours at work, you got overtime pay in return. There was an exemption for managers and professional employees, but only for workers who were both highly paid and who had specific management responsibilities or professional roles. Those protections ensured that most workers didn’t have to work excessive hours – and that if they did, they would receive extra pay to make up for it.

The Trump administration just finalized a rule that would only allow white collar workers to be eligible for overtime pay if you earn less than about $35,000 per year. That means retail and fast food managers are missing out on overtime pay and working 50, 60 or 70 hours a week without overtime compensation, losing time with their families and wages. This is unacceptable.



Governor Murphy can protect New Jersey workers from Trump’s overtime rollback and deliver this long overdue middle class raise by directing New Jersey’s Department of Labor (DOL) to update the state’s overtime regulations to raise the salary threshold for overtime pay to workers earning 2.5 times the minimum wage, no matter what job title your boss gives you, and regardless of whether you're salaried or hourly. Washington State just proposed similar regulations. New Jersey must act to keep at pace with similar cost, progressive states. Will you sign the petition to urge Governor Murphy to restore fairness for all workers?


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