Advocate for Anti-Shackling of a Pregnant Person

The Anti-Shackling of a Pregnant Person (H.3967) bill would ban the use of restraints for an incarcerated person who is pregnant, in labor, during the initial bonding with a newborn, or in postpartum recovery.

Join us in telling lawmakers to support and prioritize this important piece of legislation.

WREN supports H.3967 because restraining a pregnant woman is dangerous and inhumane and can pose undue health risks to the woman and her pregnancy. Restraining a pregnant woman increases their chances of accidentally tripping or falling and harming their pregnancies. During labor and postpartum recovery, restraints can interfere with appropriate medical care and can be detrimental to the health of the woman and her newborn child.

Contact your lawmakers today and ask them to prioritize the Anti-Shackling of a Pregnant Person Act.