Save Our Shores: End Plastic Pollution

Humans create plastic waste at an astounding rate, and according to Roland Geyer's report on plastic production, 79% of it ends up accumulating in landfills or floating around as litter in the natural environment.

This means, at some point, much of it ends up making its way into our oceans.

Plastic pollution is already clogging our waterways, killing and injuring wildlife, and endangering human health and safety. And it’s only getting worse. The Ocean Conservancy’s Stemming the Tide study estimates that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans.

Every human being on earth depends on the oceans, and right now the future of our oceans depends on us making a change. Join us in standing up to save our shores in 2018.

We can be the generation to stop plastic pollution once and for all.


Join 1 Hotels in asking lawmakers to stand up to save our shores and stop plastic pollution today.


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