Austin City Officials: Our Parks Need Recycling!


The Austin City Council votes THIS WEEK on whether or not to include parks recycling in their budget for the coming year. Take action now to demand they do it!

Right now as many as 293 of Austin’s 300 parks have no recycling whatsoever. For money ALREADY IN the city budget--no additional fees or funds needed--the City can start putting recycling in every park this year. We need the council to vote to authorize the money so we can get the ball rolling!

Send a quick message to Mayor Steve Adler, City Manager Spencer Cronk and your member of the City Council. Tell them you want recycling in all our parks ASAP. Your voice makes a difference! Thank you and stay tuned for when we win!


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Thank you for taking action! When Austin officials get messages like this one it encourages them to do the right thing for our environment. That's why we need as many concerned people as possible to speak up.

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