Take action to keep vapor discounts legal in NJ!

In addition to the flavor ban bill (A.3704) being heard on Monday (02.27.17), the Health and Senior Services Committee will also be considering A.4620 which would prohibit the use of “coupons, price reductions, and price rebates” by tobacco and vapor retailers.


Monday, February 27th

10:00 AM

Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee

State House Annex, 4th Floor, Room 11


Similar to enacting taxes on vapor products, prohibiting the use of discounts (1) erroneously regulates low-risk products the same as cigarettes and (2) takes away any cost advantage that vapor products might have over cigarettes. The net effect, of course, is that smokers will be less likely to switch to a low-risk product because they view these products as having risks equal to smoking and there is no immediate financial benefit to making the switch.


Please make plans to attend this hearing. Even if you do not plan to speak, your presence is important as it demonstrates the large numbers of people affected by this issue. Please dress appropriately (business casual, at least) and be respectful while in the building and committee room.


If you do plan to testify, please limit your comments to 3-5minutes. Specific points to address in your written or spoken testimony are:


  • How long did you smoke and how many times had you attempted to quit?

  • How did potential cost savings influence your decision to stop smoking and switch to a low-risk product like e-cigarettes or snus?

  • Do you have an estimate of how much money you have saved since switching to vaping or snus and how much has access to affordable low-risk products contributed to those savings?

Prior to the hearing, please take a moment to send an email to

members of the committee urging them to oppose A.4620.

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Thank you for taking action!



  1. Please encourage others to participate by sharing this engagement on Facebook and Twitter.

  2. Please follow up by calling your State representative.

  3. Contact information is available here.