The National School Boards Association Thinks Parents Like Us are “Threats”

Join us in demanding that our Oklahoma public education leaders disavow comparisons between parent activism and violent extremism.

On Sept. 29, the President of the National School Boards Association, a special interest lobbying group that supports the status quo in public education, wrote a letter to President Joe Biden claiming that parents who disapprove of school board decisions around masking and other COVID policies were guilty of “threats of violence and acts of intimidation.” The letter also singled out opponents of critical race theory for allegedly making physical threats and “distributing propaganda” criticizing the embrace of radical curricula. Earlier this week, the Department of Justice said it would open an investigation into these threats and potentially into parent groups.

We don’t condone violence or threats of violence. This, however, is not about violence... it is about silencing critics and depriving parents of the power they should have over their own children's education. If you dare to speak at a School Board Meeting to oppose any arbitrary policies, the NSBA is now willing to denounce you as a potentially violent extremist. And now, the Department of Justice and President Joe Biden are willing to use the criminal justice system to further intimidate and bully parents.

THIS IS NOT RIGHT. As Oklahoma State Senator Julie Daniels and 12 other state senators wrote in a letter to Oklahoma State School Boards Association, President Shawn Hime:

“None of us sanction acts of violence or threats against anyone. However, the examples given in the letter sent to the president mostly refer to contentious, tense, disorderly, or disruptive school board meetings. NSBA wants frustration, anger, and opposition to be labeled as ‘domestic terrorism’ and ‘hate crimes.’ While there have been reports of contentious school board meetings in Oklahoma, surely our school board members don’t support the call for draconian, federal actions to silence parents, patrons, and taxpayers who finance public education.”

Please join us in asking OSSBA President Shawn Hime to denounce the NSBA’s characterization of parents as extremists. Engaging your local school board is a civic right – not a hate crime!

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