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Keep it local.

We don't believe water use decisions should be dictated by state bureaucrats in Sacramento.

We believe California can best improve its water use efficiency and readiness for drought by keeping water decisions in the hands of local water suppliers. Help oppose giving control of water use decisions to unelected state bureaucrats and support our effort to maintain local control of our water supplies.

Our community depends upon water to sustain a healthy economy and our quality of life. While it’s always important to use water efficiently and to prevent water waste, it’s also important to know that…

Efficiency and conservation are different.

During the most recent drought, Californians did their part by dramatically reducing their water use. Aggressive conservation makes sense when water isn’t available. But when there is sufficient water, the priority should be on ensuring water is used efficiently to maintain our quality of life, economic growth, green spaces and urban forests. Water use rules should also ensure that developing new water supplies and financing local investments remain a high priority.

Currently, the State Legislature is considering whether to require permanent conservation from communities across California, with new rules developed and enforced by unelected and unaccountable state regulators.

But there is a smarter approach . . .

More than 100 local water suppliers, cities and business groups from throughout California support a more balanced approach for making our communities even more water efficient and better prepared for drought.

Specifically, local water suppliers favor an approach that:

• Sets new water use targets that reflect the unique water situation of each community

• Requires that elected lawmakers have a say in future water use targets

• Protects local rights to water

• Improves drought preparedness planning

• Promotes communities’ use of recycled water

• Protects local investments in water system infrastructure and drought-resilient supplies

This locally-based, alternative approach will make our communities more water secure in wet years and in droughts.

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