Action Alert: Tell Florida lawmakers to keep creationism out of our schools

The “Controversial Theories” bill (SB 966/HB 825), is an attempt to create a back door for the teaching of creationism in Florida's public schools. If passed into law, teachers will be emboldened to introduce climate change denial, creationism, and intelligent design into public school classrooms. While there is no controversy regarding these topics among scientists, this bill will cause students to be misled into believing that a controversy exists. 

If passed into law, this legislation would require teachers to teach “controversial theories” in science in a “balanced manner,” which has become the newest method for groups opposed to the teaching of evolution to infiltrate the education system.

All schools receiving your taxpayer dollars should be teaching science, not dogma. Help keep Florida schools secular. Contact your representatives and tell them to oppose this bill.

Tell your lawmakers to keep creationism out of Florida schools!


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