Support Local Radio!

Performance tax advocates are on Capitol Hill working to convince members of Congress that local radio stations should be forced to pay record labels and artists on top of the free promotion stations provide. Don’t let their voices be the only ones policymakers hear!

A performance tax would hurt radio, artists and listeners. Remind lawmakers today that local radio stations are the backbone of communities. 

Enter your information in the space provided and you will be matched to your senators and representative. You can Tweet them or post on their Facebook pages to thank them if they are cosponsoring the Local Radio Freedom Act, which opposes a performance tax on radio. If they are not yet supporting the bill, you can ask for their support today! You also have the option of sending your legislators an email.

Radio stations are the pulse of communities, delivering the important news, emergency information and programming that listeners rely on each day. Take action and sound off now to ensure your voice is heard.

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