Tell Legislators to Vote NO on SB 1568

Senate Commerce and Labor Committee Chairman Paul Bailey (R-Sparta) and House Criminal Justice Committee Chairman Michael Curcio (R-Dickson) filed an amendment to Senate Bill 1568 repealing Tennessee’s Corporate Practice of Medicine Law. 

This bill specifically impacts Radiologists, Anesthesiologists, and Pathologists, and is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee TODAY!

  • Repealing corporate practice is anti-small business and takes away opportunities of physicians to own their own practice. 
  • Repealing corporate practice hurts physician autonomy. This will force hospital based physicians into employment by hospitals.
  • This is NOT a solution for surprise billing.  Most states don’t have a statute like this, and they STILL have surprise billing issues.  Also, the federal government recently passed legislation to address surprise billing. 

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Urge Legislators to VOTE NO on SB 1568


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