Call on your elected officials to support US funding for UNFPA!

Stand with refugees around the world by urging your Members of Congress to support funding for UNFPA.

The Trump Administration has defunded the UNFPA, which brings vital reproductive health services to the women and families who need it most. These funding cuts translate directly into health risks for girls. We must fight the deadly policies that curb access to crucial reproductive healthcare and disproportionately impact girls.

UNFPA has historically supported life-saving programs for refugees and girls. Losing U.S. funding for UNFPA programs has forced them to cut back on vital programs and reproductive health services for the people who need them most.

Act now and tell your Members of Congress to support funding for UNFPA.


Thank you for standing in solidarity with people around the world by calling on your elected officials to support funding for UNFPA! 

Hi, my name is [Name] and I live in [City], [State].

I’m calling to ask [Senator/Representative] to support U.S. funding for UNFPA.

UNFPA provides family planning services to refugees around the world, including women and children in the direst circumstances.

The U.S. has cut funding for UNFPA, causing stocks of life-saving medicine to run out and leaving refugees with nowhere to seek reproductive healthcare. By supporting UNFPA, we can save the health and lives of thousands of refugee women and families.

I’m counting on my [Senator/Representative] to do the right thing and stand up for refugees around the world who need UNFPA to access reproductive healthcare.

Thank you for your time.