Ask HHS to Prioritize Distribution of Cares Act Relief Funds to the Private Duty Home Care Community

The CARES Act Provider Relief Fund has been a lifesaver to thousands of health care providers across the country. Through the fund distributions, HHS has been able to stabilize access to care during the Public Health Emergency and help preserve the health care infrastructure for the post-pandemic future.

However, HHS should take immediate steps to provide funds to an essential part of our health care system that, to date, has not received this crucial support.

Home care companies that serve millions of Americans with vital personal health care supports such as assistance with the administration of prescribed medications, exercise programs that maintain and improve functional capabilities, hygiene, feeding, and numerous Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) are a core part of community-based health care have not received any Provider Relief Fund support in the nine months of the Fund's operation except where those companies bill Medicare and/or Medicaid and we urge Congress to ask HHS to prioritize fund distribution to these essential providers.


Contact your Congressional Representatives!


On behalf of the entire National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC) team, Thank you for your support of the home care and hospice communities.

One of our most important constitutional rights is the ability as individuals to petition and participate in our government. It is a fundamental way we share our beliefs and passion and influence policy. Change is achieved through the strength and unity in our voices. Know that your action is important and appreciated. Through your efforts we can change the health care landscape and ensure all Americans are able to easily access quality home health care services when they need them.