Let's Make Cars that Don't Kill

The United States is years behind other countries in ensuring that cars and trucks are designed and built to not kill people biking and walking.

Beginning in 2016, countries in the European Union began testing new vehicles for their ability to automatically brake for people walking. In 2018, this testing was extended to people biking

Now, the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is asking for public comments on how it should update its new car testing

Please join us to let NHTSA know that it's 2020 and their new vehicle testing needs to reflect our modern mobility needs:

  • NHTSA should include testing related to bicyclist safety, and
  • NHTSA should raise U.S. testing standards to meet the rigors of testing required in Europe for several years now.

If NHTSA is serious about the safety of people who bike and walk, and that innovative vehicle technologies are an important part of reducing traffic fatalities, its research on those technologies must be far more comprehensive. The current proposed research is inadequate and will mean the US continues to fall behind other nations in traffic safety.

The League's full comments to NHTSA can be found here: https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=NHTSA-2019-0102-0025

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Looking for other ways to support safer bicycling? The League of American Bicyclists is currently lobbying for three bills introduced in Congress:

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