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Voting is a central principle of a democracy. WREN is committed to increasing access to democracy by eliminating all forms of voter suppression and removing barriers to the franchise. H.3822 would build upon the successes of 2020 to improve access through both in-person and mail early voting. It would institute well-tested approaches to ensuring secure accessible voting for qualified electors.

H. 3822 by Cobb-Hunter and Brawley is a comprehensive bill that would bring to South Carolina absentee voting provisions that have been successful in other states through many election cycles.

  • Section 1 provides same-day registration for in-person absentee voting and defines adequate documentation.
  • Section 2 establishes ballot deposit locations and requires that every eligible voter receive a ballot by mail. It provides for methods of return of the ballot by mail or in person by the voter or another person. It also requires signature verification of voter signatures on absentee ballots according to rules to be adopted by the State Election Commission (SEC).
  • Section 3 establishes universal no-excuse early voting and a thirty-day period for in-person voting, with locations open until 5:00 PM on each day and on election day until 7:00 PM.
  • Section 4 provides a procedure to notify voters of technical defects in absentee ballots, including apparent signature mismatch, and provides an opportunity for cure of that defect.
  • Section 5 guarantees timeliness of ballots postmarked on or before the day of the election.
  • Sections 6 and 7 require the Department of Corrections to provide information to inmates about the process for restoration of voting rights and also provide a voter registration form and written information how to register.
  • Section 8 adds to the existing list of acceptable photo ID a college or university identification card containing a photograph.

Ask your legislator to support voting access today!

Ask your Legislator to Support Voting Access