Congress: Reject Proposed 2020 Census Citizenship Question!

Donald Trump's administration is trying to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census to scare immigrants from participating and to deprive our communities of resources and political representation. We can't let this happen.
Join our effort to fight back by signing this petition to urge members of Congress to reject this dangerous question on the Census.
The proposed Census question is the latest of Trump's attacks on immigrant communities. It would threaten the prospect of an accurate count across our state and the country, posing a grave threat to our democracy. It also flies in the face of years of research, which is why Census staff members recommended it not be included before Trump's Commerce Secretary ignored them.
We call on members of Congress to ensure an accurate and complete count of all Americans and ensure that the Census process does not become a tool for intimidating and punishing immigrant communities.
Sign this petition to demand your member of Congress reject the citizenship question today!
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