Take action now to change the tax on vapor products in PA!

(Updated, 03.10.17)

As of March 9th, Senator Bartolotta's bill, SB 508, which would change the tax on vapor to 5c/mL, has been officially introduced. Representative Wheeland's co-sponsor support memo is still in circulation and continues to gather signatures. 

  • The current tax on all vapor products is 40% of wholesale.
  • This tax has resulted in more than 100 vapor businesses closing and likely thousands of consumers losing access to local brick and mortar vapor shops.
  • The current excessive tax reinforces the false narrative that vapor products are just as hazardous as cigarettes.

Please take action NOW by sending a message to your lawmakers urging them to support changing the tax.

CASAA is opposed to any extra taxes on vapor products. We believe it is inappropriate to punish former smokers and would-be switchers for making healthier choices. Extra taxes also send the confusing and inaccurate message to consumers that vapor products carry risks similar to smoking. There is no credible science to support this notion.

However, CASAA is supportive of efforts that reduce taxes imposed on vapor products, like this effort in Pennsylvania. Please take action now and help Pennsylvania set an example for the rest of the country by reducing the extra tax on vapor products.

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Please follow up with a phone call.

You can find your PA legislators' contact information here.

Your voice is vital to supporting these bills! 

Tell them:

  1. Please support legislation that will replace the 40% wholesale tax on vapor products with a tax of 5¢/ml of e-liquid.

  2. Briefly, tell your story about how vapor products have impacted your life.

  3. Tell them how the 40% tax is affecting your access to vapor products.

    1. Will you shop out of state?

    2. Will you consider returning to smoking?

    3. What would you do without your local vapor shop?


Pennsylvania’s 40% wholesale tax on vapor products is completely unworkable. It has been reported that 100 shops (and counting) have closed as a result of this tax. Thousands in Pennsylvania are losing access to life-saving vapor products!