Stop the Corrupt Politicians Act!

Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats quietly passed a bill that would overturn America’s entire election system. This will be a disaster if passed by the Senate and signed into law. 

This radical bill would:

  • Ban any voter ID laws in all fifty states!
  • Remove any state requirements for ballot security (even signature verification)
  • Provide easy opportunities for illegal aliens and ineligible voters to register to vote
  • Force American taxpayers to fund all campaigns

More broadly, should this bill become law, it will allow the Democrat party to pursue deeply unpopular policies knowing they won’t have to compete in fair and safe elections.

Policies the radical Democrats will pass:

  • Defunding and abolishing the Police
  • Support for Iran, including billions of dollars to their state-sponsored terrorism
  • Increased hostility toward Israel, and elimination of the Iron dome program
  • A Cancel Culture that provides no room for opposing thought
  • A radical social agenda that is the complete antithesis to a Torah way of life




Your call to your Senator will make a difference. We can stop this bad bill if we all call.

*You'll receive a call from 202-998-7072 that will provide you guidance on what to say to your officials, and then patch you through directly to them.

Please encourage others to act by sharing on social media.

Hello Senator, my name is ___________ and I am a voter in your state. 

I oppose Senate Bill One - the "For The People" Act. 

Senate Bill One is for the politicians, not the people. A recent study showed the majority of voters oppose the For the People Act.

This bill….

It will keep Democrats in power for 100 years or more. Thank you for taking action! We are connecting you with your Senator now.