Support Pay Equity in South Carolina

In South Carolina, African American women, on average, earn 53 cents compared to a white man’s dollar. White women earn 74 cents. Overall, South Carolina has a larger wage gap than the national average.

The Pay Equity bill will focus on lowering these racial and gender disparities by increasing pay transparency and eliminating an employer’s ability to ask an employee about previous earnings.

Join us in asking lawmakers to support and prioritize the pay equity bill in the 2019-2020 legislative session.

Asking for prior wage history can lead to an employee with equal or superior qualifications making less than a coworker doing the same job simply because they happened to make less in their prior position. Studies additionally show that increased pay transparency creates work environments where employees are more likely to believe they are paid fairly, and thus are more engaged and productive.

Collectively these measures can lessen the discrimination women face when negotiating their salaries and navigating the workforce.


Email your lawmakers today in support of pay equity.